• Vaman -i2k (Information to Knowledge) roots out Oracle performance bottlenecks, helps identify resource hoggers and supplies intelligent trend analysis on crucial performance KPAs.
  • Analysis is done on a frequency * intensity perspective that not only tells you how intense a problem is but also how frequently it has occured over a period of time helping prioritize performance challenges and decision making.
  • The configurable rule engine helps the dba create metrics of his own choosing and can take custom logic.
  • A holistic oracle health index that is composed of a group of selected , configurable KPAS AND RELATIVE WEIGHTAGES gives an accurate picture of the database health at any point in time.
  • This in addition to a revenue based “LEAN” reporting model,where every KPA is translated into $/sec UOM, helps define clear oracle tuning strategies and also makes the cost factor vis a vis Oracle KPA health, transparent and understandable to top management.

Greetings from the VAMAN team !

vamani2kLike the mythological Avatara of Vishnu-Vāmana,
: a light weighted application, unleashes its innate powers over the database’ performance eating demons ending up protecting the database from future threats as well.
‘i2k’ stands for – information to knowledge and this is exactly what Vaman does for you; garnering a plethora of raw performance / DB related information and drawing real time inferences to suit pragmatic needs.